IT Asset Management

Gain Complete Visibility into the State of Your Hardware and Software

Control your IT assets without the headache & escalating costs.

It’s time for LanScope Cat.

Automatically collect IT asset information and always see accurate information. Also, retain change histories and notify administrators by e-mail. It is possible to import an existing log or export the logs in each generation.

Enterprise Asset Visibility for the Small Business

Protect Your Bottom Line by Protecting Your Network

LanScope Cat automatically tracks and manages everything you need to know about the hardware and software on your network. You can:

  • Access continual logging
  • Verify system updates and patches
  • Track license inventory and usage
  • Establish and enforce policies
  • Record printers and other peripheral devices
  • Identify permitted and forbidden apps

Ready to see a better way to manage your IT Assets?

Hardware asset management

LanScope Cat automatically collects over 50 types of hardware information such as computer name, IP addresses, printers and other peripheral devices. Easily find information info in your tracked assets. Determine what you need to see and when by using a variety of search variables.

Never forget another patch or update software asset management

LanScope Cat tracks license inventory and usage, checks program updates and monitors what software is installed on which devices. Easily manage information such as how many machines each app is installed on and their product keys. Identify permitted and forbidden apps to help keep a handle on your network security.

Be in the Know with LanScope Cat.


Know where your devices have been deployed


Know how your devices are being utilized


Know if your devices are secure