LanScope Cat Features

Manage your IT before it gets out of control.

IT Asset Management

Never-before-seen visibility into the state of all assets

Your users buy new devices and apps, and access your network from anywhere, at anytime. Manage your IT before it gets out of control. LanScope Cat allows greater visibility into your assets and how users actually use them.

Access continual logging

Verify system updates and patches

Track license inventory and usage

Establish and enforce policies

Record printers and other peripheral devices

Identify permitted and forbidden apps


Know what’s really happening

User activity monitoring is complex, but LanScope Cat records “who” did “what” “when” on “which device” in one dashboard. If some operational violation that could be an information leak occurs, such as writing a customer list to a USB, a warning is displayed to the user, and the illicit operation is prevented. Monitor your onsite and remote workforce with LanScope Cat.


Monitor web activity across the network

LanScope Cat makes web access management easy. View who viewed particular sites and for how long. Block certain sites and get alerted to policy violations.

Know Who Views What

Record website visit history and webmail usage.

Control What They Can View

Block certain sites or determine which users can access specific sites and for how long.

Know When Policy Is Broken

Get notified and set rules around uploads, downloads, blocked keywords and/or URLS.

IT Policy Enforcement

It’s only policy if you can enforce it

IT devices can typically be hard to manage and secure—and cause a host of problems for IT managers! LanScope Cat is able to lower the overall security risk by providing a solution to the age-old problem; LanScope Cat protects devices, applications, and data, while delivering actionable insights into user behavior.

Control the Use of Devices

Control USB/CD/FD/SD memory and/or other devices including Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connections and identify files are being copied to and from storage devices.

Set User Permissions

Allow certain users to use specific devices and/or prohibit read/write operations.

Take Corrective Action

See what is happening throughout your network so you can take immediate corrective action if needed.


Proactively protect your network

LanScope Cat delivers advanced threat prevention combining world-class endpoint management with market-leading malware protection within a robust dashboard. Every device connected to the network is regularly scanned in an intelligent, nonperformance impacting process to ensure that all endpoints are continually protected by the current version of the Cylance agents.




Ready for real-time notifications about suspicious network activity?