Case Study:

IT Asset Management & a Distributed Workforce

Market Context

Employees increasingly bring new devices to work, download free or even purchase new apps to do their work, and access your network from anywhere, at any time. It doesn’t take much for an IT manager to feel like it’s out of control.

Customer’s Problem

An Interfocus client is a specialty corporate recruiter that matches bilingual and multilingual employees with companies that are looking for US-based staff with language and cultural knowledge to support their international expansion. From executive assistants to manufacturing managers, from sales teams to electrical engineers, this firm supports companies of all sizes across the United States to achieve their growth plans.

The firm has established a presence in most major economic centers across the United States, from north to south and coast to coast. Most office locations have a handful of staff, and as they grow in size, the firm realized they needed to get a handle on managing the laptops that the staff used. They sought an IT Asset Management solution with a centralized console that automatically monitors and manages approximately 100 laptops in over a dozen geographically distributed locations.

The LanScope Cat Solution

The firm selected LanScope Cat to provide a centralized platform for managing employee laptops. New machines are automatically detected and added to the centralized inventory. With LanScope Cat, this recruiting and staffing firm:

  • Maintains a centralized dashboard view of all employees’ laptops in use.
  • Manages operating system versions, installed applications and hardware assignment,
    warranty and replacement life cycles.
  • Records and reports on internet usage so that management can understand workforce
    cycles and productivity.
  • Enacts IT policies in real time, warning staff when risky online behavior such as visiting
    blacklisted websites is attempted.

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