Gain Insight with Employee Monitoring

User Activity MonitoringKnow what’s really happening on your network

Do you know how, when and where your employees are using their devices? Employee monitoring with LanScope Cat provides information to help you set policies and guidelines that can help you ensure data security and avoid risky behaviors and activities.

Solve the Problem of User Activity Monitoring with LanScope Cat

USB & External Drive MonitoringMonitor USB Usage

Receive Instant Updates of Peripheral Activity

It can be difficult to manage and secure memory devices, but ignoring them can create IT nightmares. LanScope Cat provides automatic detection of USB activity including usage and idle time.


  • IDENTIFY. Know what files are being copied to and from USB storage devices.
  • ENFORCE POLICY. Set user permissions that allow certain users to use specific USB memory devices and/or prohibit read/write operations.
  • CONTROL. Regulate the use of CD/FD/USB/SD memory and/or other devices including Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connections.
  • DETECT. Catch fraudulent activities proactively by detecting USB devices in use and determine how long the devices have been idle.
  • GAIN VISIBILITY. See what is happening throughout your network so you can take immediate corrective action if needed.

User Activity Monitoring Print UsageMonitor Employee Print Usage

Reduce Risk of Security Breaches

Looking at print usage can give you visibility into operational violations, helping make your network secure and helping educate employee about keeping their activities compliant with company policies.

By tracking printing activity at endpoints in your network, you can monitor what’s being printed, on which devices and by whom. You can even receive notifications if sensitive documents containing flagged keywords are printed.

LanScope Cat Print Monitoring Captures:

  • Printer name and IP address
  • Document name (which can be flagged if a custom keyword is included and a notice can be sent to the admin and/or end users)
  • When the document was printed and by whom
  • Number of pages
  • (Optional) Document body

user activity monitoring website accessMonitor Employee Website Access

Consistently Enforce Web Policy

Need to know who is accessing what sites and when? Employee monitoring with LanScope Cat helps you mitigate the risk of intrusion and consistently enforce your web policies.

LanScope Cat’s Website Access Log Captures:

  • User Name
  • Time the website is accessed
  • IP address
  • Website pages visited

user activity monitoring file activityMonitor File Activity

Protect Your Company Data

Maintaining and understanding file activity not only ensures that rogue data isn’t allowed access to your network but that private data is kept confidential.

LanScope Cat’s User Activity Log Shows:

  • Which files were accessed
  • How the files were used
  • Where the files were copied

email interfocusMonitor Email Usage

Instantly Identify Threats

Email can be a main entry point into your business networks, making email monitoring a key part of any employee monitoring solution.

Updates are instantly sent on email threats, providing comprehensive email visibility—identifying email title, sender, content, and attachment; strengthening phishing prevention; and protecting against other common threats.

It’s not enough to detect something after it’s happened.

It’s time for Employee Monitoring with real-time alerts

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