Case Study:

Unified IT Asset Management & Security
for a Managed Service Provider

Market Context

In most small and medium-sized businesses, IT managers either waste their precious time assembling a complete, detailed view of their network security or they don’t do it at all. For those that do, so much time is spent bringing the data together in one place that little time is left to analyze and react to anything but the most obvious alerts. Why spend countless hours pulling from a myriad of distinct sources of data, manually correlating disparate data types and formats, and trying to connect the dots?

A fragmented approach leaves companies vulnerable to surprises, or worse, cyber attacks. What’s needed is a unified view of network and security combined, to maximize visibility into everything happening on the network and strengthen defenses against threats.

Customer’s Problem

This Interfocus client is a provider of managed security and productivity services (an MSP) to clients across North America and Europe. They provide a variety of IT services to companies of all sizes, and for the SMB market they sought a cost-effective platform that provided extensive features for IT audit and compliance, in a single solution, that they could deliver in the cloud.

The LanScope Cat Solution

The client chose LanScope Cat as the centralized platform to deliver numerous features to their SMB clients. These clients are under increasing pressure to understand and control data access on their networks for privacy and regulatory purposes, and a feature-rich platform delivered in the cloud provided the differentiated solution that this MSP needed to win new business. With LanScope Cat, this MSP:

  • Rapidly deploys asset management, user activity monitoring, web access monitoring, device controls, and advanced threat protection to their clients in the cloud.
  • Enables each of their clients to monitor the health of their employee workstation operating systems and roll out patches and updates through a centralized management dashboard.
  • Provides robust employee monitoring capabilities to track when workstations and applications are being used, and which websites are being accessed through company laptops.

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