Being a small business is tough.

IT Management & Security shouldn’t be.

Find peace of mind with LanScope Cat.

Powerful Features, Simple Design

All with small to mid-sized businesses in mind

Employee Monitoring

  • Employee activity tracking
  • Web and social media monitoring
  • USB/external device management
  • Monitor and log file activity
  • Monitor email usage

Malware Protection

  • Detect suspicious activity across all of a company’s endpoints
  • Analyze malware’s digital footprint to understand and rapidly take corrective action
  • Use event, alert, and log data to establish policies that record and prevent suspicious behavior
  • Defend against malware with CylancePROTECT

IT Policy Enforcement

  • Set policy to control the user of devices and WiFi/Bluetooth connections
  • Set user permissions
  • Receive alerts when policy is violated
  • Action triggered security training

Web Access Monitoring

  • Know which users go to which sites
  • Control which sites users can access on your network
  • Know when policy is broken

IT Asset Management

  • Access continual logging
  • Verify system updates and patches
  • Track license inventory and usage
  • Establish and enforce policies
  • Record printers and other peripheral devices
  • Identify permitted and forbidden apps

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How LanScope Cat Can Help

So Many Protection Tools, Too Few Resources.

Manage It All with LanScope Cat.

Businesses struggle with so much to do and so many standalone tools that could potentially help manage assets, secure endpoints, and monitor user activity. Getting these tools to work together and deliver the capabilities you really need is the challenge. Interfocus understands. LanScope Cat is a multi-purpose tool that delivers the capabilities you need without the overhead of unnecessary features and a high price tag.

43% of Breaches Are Targeted at Small Businesses 1

You’re a Target. Protect Your Business with LanScope Cat.

There are so many things for a small business to worry about. Being under attack by cybercriminals shouldn’t be one of them. Instead of outsourcing your problem or investing in more staff and tools, LanScope Cat manages all your assets and data for you. That’s one huge thing you don’t have to worry about anymore! Better yet, with CylancePROTECT embedded, you get market-leading malware protection as well.

12018 Verizon DBIR

Tame the Monster: Devices, Devices Everywhere.

Manage Devices Anywhere, Anytime with LanScope Cat.

As your business grows, so does the number of devices and volume of data. It can be challenging to justify spending on IT asset management systems to separately manage the software and hardware needed to run your business. LanScope Cat enables you to easily manage it all, across multiple locations and remote workers so you can stay ahead of your spending on licenses, enforce your policies and protect your endpoints.

To Monitor or Not to Monitor?

Monitor Employees Your Way with LanScope Cat.

How much employee activity do you need to monitor in order to best protect your network? We let you decide. With LanScope Cat, you can monitor time spent in business applications, file access, file transfers, print history, and time spent on Facebook. You define limits and set your own policies. And the best part? You can deliver messages in real time to ensure your workforce knows and complies with your policies.

Ready to See more?

See for yourself if LanScope Cat is a good fit for your organization.

LanScope Cat Love

"This software is top selling asset management, user activity monitoring, audit solution with a lot of features to protect and manage the endpoints. It is easy to deploy and no noticeable impact on endpoints' performance. It is a rare solution to have this many features."

— Norihito M.
Security Architect, 4/30/2019

"What I like most about LanScope is that it has a ton of extremely useful features. Some of the features that I use all the time are logging of emails and USB device control. Fantastic."

— Jon V.
Information Technology Field Technician, 6/6/2019

"It so easy to install and set up, has very granular policies for detecting and alerting on everything you might need. For example, you can monitor and alert on operational and internet usage by keyword and exact path or URL. Has Asset Hardware, Software Licensing and Advanced Threat and Malware Protection all in one platform!!"

— David D.
Consultant, 4/30/2019

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