Malware Protection

Prevent Security Threats, Don’t Just Detect.

It’s not enough to detect something after it’s happened.

LanScope Cat Malware Protection with Cylance provides a centralized view into all of your network endpoints and identifies the applications installed on each, including potentially unauthorized or harmful programs. The comprehensive dashboard displays real-time information on where a threat came from, what the threat looks like, and where it went.

Malware Protection Made Simple

The LanScope Cat solution delivers real-time critical security event information into a dashboard, making it easy for security managers to:


Gain centralized visibility into suspicious activity across all of a company’s endpoints to quickly analyze suspicious activity.


Analyze malware’s digital footprint to fully understand and rapidly take corrective action to mitigate identified threats.


Use event, alert, and log data to establish policies that record and prevent suspicious behavior.

Uncover, Analyze & Remediate Security Threats

Real-Time Security Alerts

LanScope Cat Malware Protection with Cylance helps security managers uncover, analyze, and quickly remediate today’s complex and dynamic security threats.

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Detect & Prevent Malware

All-in-One View

The LanScope Cat dashboard empowers security managers to rapidly explore the extent of a threat and determine how many endpoints—both online and offline—have been infected. The dashboard also identifies files that were detected and quarantined. Extensive threat reports identify threats by category, endpoints impacted, and users associated with a given threat.

  • View alerts by category, time, user & asset
  • Drill down to detailed logs for investigation and audit
  • Manage & configure policies
  • Create reports for audit & compliance

Comprehensive Visibility

Real-Time Alerts

Security managers are notified instantly when suspicious behavior occurs. Alerts are triggered when an employee accesses a specific website or downloads a suspicious file. Security teams gain full visibility of USB and external device usage and easily block specific hardware or autorun files. Updates are instantly sent on email threats. Comprehensive alerts will identify:

  • Email subject line
  • Sender
  • Content and attachment(s)

Continuous Protection

With Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating the capabilities of CylancePROTECT™, every endpoint on your network is continually scanned in an invisible, non-performance-impacting fashion to guard against malicious software. With Artificial Intelligence, LanScope and Cylance agents can identify malicious or suspicious software before it has been classified by external threat feeds and, more importantly, before it has been activated by the user. LanScope Cat malware protection benefits include:

  • Continuous endpoint scanning for known and as-of-yet unknown threats
  • Non-performance impacting with endpoint agents requiring <1-2% CPU
  • Immediate admin alerts triggered and sent via email, text message and to the consolidated console before the user activates the threat

It’s not enough to detect something after it’s happened.

It’s time for Malware Protection with real-time alerts

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Malware Protection?

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