Listen to Mom: Budget on a full stomach

As your FY2020 IT and Security budgeting process looms, you would be well served to keep in mind one of those old adages your mom may have passed along—namely, don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. This is especially true as you consider what IT and cybersecurity software purchases to make in the upcoming year. Fear of cyber hackers, insider threats, and malware can lead to purchasing every type of IT security solution under the sun, much like shopping while hungry can lead to a full cart after just one pass down the snack food aisle.

You probably really wanted those Cheetos, but do you really need them? The answer is no, and the same might be true for some of the more niche products within IT management and security. There is a product that can provide soup-to-nuts protection for every niche area: employee monitoring, IT asset management, IT policy creation and enforcement—just to name a few. With each of these products comes a hefty price tag and a whole host of capabilities that you may never need given the realities of your business and network. For a larger business, buying more than you need might be ok in the short and long term. But for you, the small business owner, every penny that is not put to growth can have serious implications for your business down the line.

Don’t purchase based on fear from the latest cyber attack

While it might be tempting to click “buy” on a certain IT and security platform after reading the latest article on a business that has been hacked, don’t purchase based on fear. These news articles remind you that you need to be vigilant in protecting your business, but it’s up to you about how you actually do that. Know what you need to protect and to what level you should protect it before buying.

Strike the right balance in buying IT and security solutions

Your business may be described as “small to medium” in size, but that fails to capture just how unique your business structure is. Employee monitoring, for example, will look very different for a business with three employees who work in a one-room apartment than a 300-person business of all remote workers. Your resources are different too. This means that you need to look at the cybersecurity protection you need with what your current resources will buy. Now, this doesn’t mean you should be penny wise and pound foolish. Instead, focus on your needs and how a particular IT security platform will actually help achieve them. This will help you know if your resources are being spent in the right way.

Look for “healthy” alternatives

You likely don’t need one solution for each problem area. Instead, solutions that package a little bit of everything might be the best way to strike that balance between your needs and resources. For example, LanScope Cat wraps up endpoint management, IT policy enforcement and training, employee monitoring, incident logging, and network monitoring all into one. This means one price tag that will cover several vulnerable areas in your network rather than purchasing a different solution for each area. In other words, LanScope Cat can be that healthy snack you need to stop those junk food cravings.

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