That undeniable feeling that you’re being watched can be unsettling. Sensing that your every move is being monitored may cause you to anxiously glance over your shoulder or change your route on your way home from work. In this context, monitoring is seen as controlling, obstructing and stressful. However, when it comes to a workplace, employee monitoring is an important requirement for protecting companies and employees themselves from internal risks and cyber threats.

Face it, we all use the internet at work. Most of our daily work tools are internet-based. These applications are vital to run a business.

Trust and Growth: Boost Productivity with Employee Internet Monitoring

Companies must also ensure that employees are safely accessing information from the internet, and not introducing potential risks into the organization. Monitoring employees shouldn’t be seen as Big Brother watching their every move. Rather, employee monitoring is an important operational business investment that every company needs to keep their operations well-protected and performing optimally.

The relationship between employer and employee is based on trust. Employees must have confidence in their employer, and that they are providing them with the tools needed to do their job. In turn, a company must accept their employees are using all their resources, and are focused on the success of the business. When there is trust, and there are tools in place that help promote that trust, great benefits can be seen.

Monitoring Helps Meet Business Goals

Employee monitoring helps both the business and employees understand what metrics are being captured, what they mean and how modifications can boost performance. When performance improves and is communicated to employees, there is a recognition that a milestone was reached. And there is a reason for everyone to celebrate. Hitting a target or surpassing a goal reinforces trust and confidence in the organization. Without monitoring in place, there would be no way of knowing if the objective was reached.

Another important aspect of employee monitoring is managing information. It is critical for companies to make sure the right people have the right information at the right time. Employees should be confident that they can access systems and information they need to perform in their role. At the same time, access to unnecessary or confidential information could put a company at risk from inappropriate information use or unauthorized distribution. Providing only the required information to employees protects everyone. It also extends trust and boosts confidence between a company and its staff.

Don’t Stress — Employee Monitoring Is a Benefit

Monitoring doesn’t have to cause anxiety. When a company and its employees understand the purpose of internet usage monitoring, why it’s needed and how it helps an organization succeed, everyone benefits. Trust is at the heart of a business. Put in the right tools to increase productivity while protecting your organization.

Interfocus helps companies use employee internet monitoring to grow their business. Learn more about how trust and protection are an unbeatable combination for success.