Selecting a stable and comprehensive security solution took on additional importance when a manufacturing company was asked to comply with its partner’s security policy. The partner’s policy required central computer management for the prevention and control of misuse, which can lead to a security breach. The manufacturer needed a product that was effective, stable, easy to maintain, and would have minimum effect on the existing network.

Interfocus allowed the manufacturer to monitor individual user activity, as well as all IT equipment located in its network, within a single console. In the firm’s benchmark testing, Interfocus outperformed several other products in terms of lightness, stability, and ease of maintenance.  

After deploying Interfocus, the manufacturer can monitor usage and enforce company policy in compliance with its partner’s security monitoring standards. The company also successfully launched security awareness training to all its employees to make them aware of what activities will be monitored. Establishing a weekly routine of examining and identifying employees who are flagged multiple times for misuse has strengthened the company’s defenses as well as increased general security awareness within the firm.

The company has not faced any critical security issues, a fact it attributes to Interfocus and the increased awareness it has engendered among the staff. The manufacturer strongly believes that features aside, Interfocus itself is a deterrent and discourages distractive activities.  

Not only has Interfocus provided the secure compliance solution the manufacturer sought, it has more than paid for itself and exceeded the firm’s expectations when it helped the company identify a waste of software licenses (a 6-digit expense). The manufacturer was able to use information about what systems are installed and how long the programs are used for annual inventory purposes—and complete this inventory in hours instead of weeks.  

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