A defense manufacturer that controls the export and import of defense-related articles and service found themselves struggling to maintain the balance between productivity and security. Required to comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that stringently control which personnel can even view regulated files, the firm had to segment their workforce and knew there was an increasing risk of breach.

Their worst fears were realized when they became aware of content breaches, and they knew they had to quickly find a better way to secure their 300+ workstations and remote employees’ laptops. The breach revealed that the manufacturer needed a solution that would allow them to control the usage of USB devices, and provided better visibility into the entire network’s activity. The firm chose to implement Interfocus.

Our defense industry client introduced Interfocus on employee laptops and immediately realized two key benefits:

  1. Administrators had complete visibility into what was happening throughout the network. Interfocus Activity Logs were used to view compliance report compromises. These reports provided information on file access, including who opened the file, at what time, and what they did with the file (open, modify, rename), so the firm could take immediate corrective action.
  2. Interfocus also helped control USB usage. The company was finally able to control (choose whether to set to block or restrict to read only) individual external devices and identify data copied to (and from) external USB drives.

Our client now has a complete solution to uncover, analyze, and quickly remediate today’s complex and dynamic security threats. With its comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard, Interfocus supports their endpoint security life cycle from management through detection, investigation, and mitigation.

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