IT Managers assembling a comprehensive, detailed view of network security could spend countless hours examining a myriad of distinct sources of data, manually correlating disparate data types, and trying to connect the dots.  This fragmented approach leaves much to be desired.  To gain the upper hand over suspicious activity across their network, endpoints, and users, you are best served by implementing a unified endpoint management and security solution to maximize your visibility into everything that is happening on your network and raise the shields against these threats.

Here are the top five benefits to unifying your endpoint management and security solutions into a single advanced solution:

  1. Maximize security in complex IT environments. As the number of devices on your network grows, endpoint management becomes more complex and dynamic.  A unified endpoint management and security system makes it easy for IT managers to gain visibility into suspicious activity across all endpoints, analyze that activity, and immediately take corrective action.
  2. Gain a centralized view.  View every network endpoint and identify the applications (and potentially unwanted programs) that exist on each–all from within one system.  Comprehensive dashboards provide IT Managers with real-time information that shows where a threat came from, what the threat looks like, and where it went.
  3. Capture detailed activity logs.  Detailed logs provide IT Managers with visibility into where an incident occurred on their network.  By providing instant visibility into the occurrence, changes can be immediately implemented before a rouge PC infects the rest of the network.
  4. Receive timely security alerts. IT Managers will receive real-time notification of suspicious behaviors or policy violations.  For example, alerts can be triggered the instant an employee accesses a specific website,downloads a suspicious file or inserts a non-approved USB for retrieving confidential files or launching malicious activity.
  5. Defend against malware. Take corrective action against malware, ransomware and other threats, both external and internal.  Analyze malware’s digital footprint to fully understand and effectively defend against identified these threats.

Interfocus Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) combines the best of both worlds at the endpoint: IT management and IT security.  We have partnered with Cylance® Inc. to bring our customers best-in-class endpoint protection by integrating Interfocus with CylancePROTECT. Using machine-learning algorithms to identify malware in an approach that has been called “disruptive[1],” CylancePROTECT brings critical security capabilities to your business.  With Interfocus ATP, you can rest assured that you know who is doing what, when and that threat activity, whether intentional or accidental, will be stopped.

Are you ready to take a less-fragmented approach?  Contact us to schedule a demo today and see how Interfocus ATP can help uncover, analyze, and remediate today’s complex and dynamic security threats.

[1] “Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms,” 1 February 2016, Peter Firstbrook and Eric Ouelett, G00273351