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How does LanScope Cat work?

LanScope Cat uses a lightweight client service that connects all user activities from the computer endpoint. That data is sent to the LanScope Cat Server where administrators can create policies based on collected info. Policies have the ability to set positive controls on what, when, and where data is moved; which applications can be used; and which devices can be used during the course of the workday. Allowing management to see when, what, and where users are accessing data and applications makes for a more secure and productive endpoint.

What kind of organizations use LanScope Cat?

Any organizations that care about performance, security, and user/employee safety. LanScope Cat can be used by any industry of any size, but is especially geared toward businesses in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Financial/Banking industries with 10 to 500 employees.

How do I get started? Can I get a demo?

Yes! You can schedule a personal demo of LanScope Cat on the same or next business day. Sign up for a demo now. You can also take a self-guided tour of LanScope Cat

Is LanScope Cat supported in the cloud?

Yes! LanScope Cat can easily be used in AWS or in the Azure cloud; the installer has a cloud installation mode.

How is LanScope Cat licensed? How do I start my subscription?

We have 1-year and 3-year licenses of LanScope Cat, based on endpoints needed. To start your subscription, visit our pricing page to select the options you need and get a quote today.

Is the LanScope Cat Agent visible on users’ computers?

No! LanScope Cat can’t be seen on the desktop or tray area; it can also be hidden in programs and features with a Group Policy Object (GPO) setting.


What platforms does LanScope Cat support? Is it compatible with Windows and Mac OS?

Yes! LanScope Cat is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Does LanScope Cat track idle time and productivity of users?

Yes! LanScope Cat uses a proprietary process to track when work is actually being done or if the user is idle.

Does LanScope Cat record user sessions?

No! LanScope Cat does not capture screen recordings of user sessions, in compliance with privacy laws.


LanScope Cat Love

"This software is top selling asset management, user activity monitoring, audit solution with a lot of features to protect and manage the endpoints. It is easy to deploy and no noticeable impact on endpoints' performance. It is a rare solution to have this many features."

— Norihito M.
Security Architect, 4/30/2019

"What I like most about LanScope is that it has a ton of extremely useful features. Some of the features that I use all the time are logging of emails and USB device control. Fantastic."

— Jon V.
Information Technology Field Technician, 6/6/2019

"It so easy to install and set up, has very granular policies for detecting and alerting on everything you might need. For example, you can monitor and alert on operational and internet usage by keyword and exact path or URL. Has Asset Hardware, Software Licensing and Advanced Threat and Malware Protection all in one platform!!"

— David D.
Consultant, 4/30/2019

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