LanScope Cat Pricing

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Asset Management

Device and license management, patch management and updates, utilization reports, and blacklisted app management.

Web Access Management

Website monitoring, blacklist management, web download and upload control.

ProtectCat from Cylance™

AI and machine-learning based malware protection to stop known and unknown malware on the device.

Enterprise Policy Management

Definition and enforcement of policies for data and application access, administrative alerting and reporting and interactive user alerts to ensure the workforce is aware and in compliance with policies.

User Activity Monitoring

File operations, website access, application processes and communications, file tracking and reporting.

USB/External Device Monitoring

Tracking and blocking serialized USB storage devices, CDs, DVDs, FDs and WiFi/Bluetooth connections.

Data Loss Prevention

Monitoring the transmission and transfer ofr sensitive or critical data outside of the corporate network.

User Behavior Monitoring

Including automatic and invisible monitoring of activity to facilitate insider threat identification, incident investigation and forensics analysis, and compliance reporting.

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